Krista Nelson

Food styling and photography, marketing. Based in San Francisco (and sometimes Seattle).

In 2014, I founded Krista's Baking Co. as a blog, and a place to share photos of the food that I was making. I wanted to make it my full time gig, so I came out with a line of baking mixes and started wholesaling them to grocery stores nationwide. I found that while running this business I wasn't getting to spend enough time doing what I really loved and had set out to do in the first place; food photography and marketing. So in 2016 I teamed up with the folks at Stocked General (the same people behind Mustard and Co.), and they took on the distribution of the remaining Krista's Baking Co. products.

Now I work doing food photography and marketing in house for Stocked General, and I do freelance photography, marketing, and graphic design projects for various types of businesses. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out, whether it's to work together, collaborate, or just meet up for coffee or a drink! 

And be sure to see more work on Instagram: @kristamarienelson

Clients I've worked with...

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