Krista Nelson

While I typically tell people that I work in "marketing," I also am a photographer, graphic designer, and can be found re-working donut delivery routes one day and writing email newsletters for a new mustard flavor the next. Here's my story... 

I graduated with a degree in Marketing from Seattle University in 2014. I jumped right in to social media marketing for a craft ice cream brand just outside of Seattle, that was selling their pints of ice cream in 14+ states. While working for this small family business, and taking so much inspiration from the business model, I came up with the concept for a business making cookie mixes using my own recipes. 

With help from those around me, I figured the ins and outs of starting and owning a specialty food business of my own and launched Krista's Baking Co. in January 2015. It all started with my Salted Espresso Chocolate Chip cookie recipe, using the very best ingredients that Seattle had to offer I packaged up the dry ingredients so that folks could make the best homemade cookies without the hassle. 

Over the next two years I expanded my products into hundreds of stores across the nation, and came out with numerous new baking mixes as well as whole new product lines; baking extracts and infused sugars. I credit much of the growth of Krista's Baking Co. to the power of social media and good content marketing, and while the business was growing I was able to spend less and less time photographing the products and promoting. 

In January 2017, I merged Krista's Baking Co. in with Stocked General. Stocked was founded by the same folks behind Seattle's Mustard and Co., and in addition Stocked makes a number of other specialty food products, like Bro Joe's Lil' Dressings, Georgetown Pantry Supply, and Quickles Pickling Concentrate. In addition to making these in-house products, Stocked distributes other specialty food products made by other small businesses to stores around the nation. Stocked now packages and distributes Krista's Baking Co. extracts and infused sugars, and I was able to get back to doing the content marketing work that I love for Stocked as a whole.

My home base is now San Francisco, where I have also taken on an awesome roll with the infamous Dynamo Donut. I do their marketing, photography, design, wholesale account management, and operations. I spend a few days a week with Dynamo, work remotely for Stocked (but can often be found back at our office in Seattle), and sometimes I even take on other freelance photography or design projects. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out, whether it's to work together, collaborate, or just meet up for coffee or a drink! 

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