Caramel filled Chocolate Chip Cookies

I used to make chocolate chip cookies filled with rolos- I'm sure you've seen it on Pinterest before. You won't find me buying rolos these days but my sweet tooth had to find a different way to get the same- or better- effect.  I fully accomplished this and now I have an easy way for all of you to make them at home as well!

It's as simple as this: Salted Espresso Chocolate Chip cookie mix + Jonboy Caramels.

You will only need about 8 caramels- and cut each one in half. Follow the instructions on the cookie mix box.  As you are scooping the dough onto the baking sheet, insert one of the caramels into the middle of each cookie, fully encasing it in the dough. Continue with the instructions!  

Krista NelsonComment