Smoked Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix Variations

We've always loved taking our baking mixes and turning them into something new and fun. See some my favorites from the past, Caramel Filled Chocolate Chip Cookies or Maple Bacon Oatmeal Cookies. I also love to see what you guys have done with them over on Instagram, like this one from Rustic Joyful Food, or this one from Bartisserie

While all of our baking mixes are made to be amazing as instructed on the box, there is still always room to play around in the kitchen and have fun with it. So, below, we'll be sharing two variations for Bourbon Smoked Chocolate Chip Cookies and Dark Chocolate Filled Smoked Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Our Smoked Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix collab with Hot Cakes is a pretty exciting product for me, since I have looked up to Hot Cakes and their dedication to being a sustainable business for years. Autumn and I tested a few cookies before we landed on this perfect mix, with their Smoked Chocolate Chips being complimented by organic brown sugar and Oregon Coast flake salt. 

In addition, Hot Cakes Smoked Chocolate Chips are part of the Wilderness Collection, so 10% of all of the Smoked Chips that we purchase is donated to non-profits who preserve and protect wild lands. Our Smoked Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix is available at both Hot Cakes locations (Ballard and Capitol Hill), and online through the end of the year. 

Bourbon Smoked Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ok, this one is so simple that I don't need to write any recipe out. 

1. Get your Smoked Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

2. Substitute the 1 tsp of vanilla extract for 1 tsp of bourbon. We used this one from Heritage Distilling. 

3. Do everything else as instructed on the box! Enjoy with a glass of Bourbon!

Dark Chocolate Filled Smoked Chocolate Chip Cookies

Slightly more complex than the last variation, but still quite simple.

You will need...

1 Smoked Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

1/2 Cup unsalted butter, melted

1 large egg

1 tsp. pure vanilla extract

1 jar of Hot Cakes Dark Chocolate Sauce 


1. Line a baking sheet or large plate with parchment paper. (It'll need to be a dish that can fit in your freezer). Scoop teaspoons or Hot Cakes Dark Chocolate Sauce onto the dish, trying to keep them as individual balls. Place in the freezer, uncovered, for at least one hour. 

2. Meanwhile, make your cookie dough as instructed on the box. Once the dough is made, scoop tablespoons of dough onto another baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Use your thumb to press into the middle of each one, creating a spot to fill with chocolate sauce.

3. When the chocolate sauce is firm, place the balls into half of your prepared cookie dough. Take the other halves, place them on top of the chocolate sauce, and seal your dough around the sides. 

 4. Sprinkle with finishing salt and bake as instructed on the box!

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