I'm launching a Kickstarter!

The last couple of years have been incredible. Here's a summary for you:

Just under two years ago, I was about to graduate from college, and I also had just landed my first "real" job. I began working part time doing marketing for a local ice cream company.  When I graduated, I transitioned into a full time position doing digital marketing.  I was focused on all things marketing that involved a computer; social media, photography, website, packaging, etc.  Even though digital marketing was my focus, it was a small business, so I was exposed to sales, operations, and everything in between. About 6 months after I started working there, and just a few months after I graduated, I had the idea for this business, and I just started planning it and figuring out how the heck this whole starting a business thing worked.  

The decision to leave my job was not easy. It was a great company, and it was my dream job. But I also knew that owning my own business would be even more rewarding and if I was ever going to do it I might as well go for it now. So that's what I did!  I quit my job, got a gig nannying for a cousin closer to home, and just a couple of months later I was selling these baking mixes in stores. 

My operation was simple.  I had a small room in the basement of my parent's home which I had certified by the state as a food storage warehouse. I also rented kitchen space just a few blocks away from a small brunch restaurant that I worked at through college.  Each mix was (and still is) mixed individually and by hand.  Each bag is weighed and sealed by hand, and each box assembled and labeled by hand.  The only equipment used is a bowl, measuring cups, a whisk, and a small heat sealer. 

This worked easily for the first six months of being in business.  I would go to the kitchen a couple of nights a week, and was never there too late.  But as I got into more stores, and as the holidays rolled around, I not only had to quit my nannying job, but I was spending five nights a week in the kitchen, often until 3 or 4 in the morning, and my small warehouse was packed full.  I knew that it was time to find my own space for KBC! 

This is where the Kickstarter comes in to play.  I was so lucky for the first (almost) year to be able to rent space and keep my overhead costs extremely low.  I started this business with nothing but my checking account. With this growth comes cost; I now have a warehouse and production space in Ballard, which I am sharing with a couple of other small businesses. I also need to get some mixing equipment- so that I can mix ingredients in bulk instead of individually.  This will cut my production time in half! I'll also need to hire a production assistant so that I can spend my time focusing on sales, marketing, and admin. 

I want to give a special thanks to the following people who have helped me whether it's been as a mentor, spending Saturday nights making product with me, taste testing, or keeping me sane.

Mom & Dad, Steph, Jess, Max, Chris & Ashley, Linnea & Massimo, Pete & Michelle, Nathan & Megan, Samantha, Soley, Kelly, Cara, Megan B, Bryan, Justin, John, Libby, Maddie, Isaiah. 

And so many more people that I'm missing here- I appreciate you all! 

Thank you thank you thank you for your support.  If you've read all this way- I hope that you will consider donating to my campaign when it launches on Thursday (add it to your calendar!).  If you aren't able to donate, please give KBC a like on Facebook or a follow on Instagram!



P.S. if you have any questions regarding my business or Kickstarter campaign, please feel free to shoot me an email, a text, or give me a call. | (206) 941 0708

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